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Designing and validating an agent based commodity trading simulation

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A more general increase occurred because of the severe economic downturn resulting from the real estate crisis, which started in 2007-2008. The Du Pont formula sheds light on key variables that influence profitability, and the Altman Z Score Model has been used many times to forecast the coming financial distress and failure of many types of manufacturing and transportation companies. Voluntary reorganizations are far more common in the U. Given the court procedures specified by the 1978 Bankruptcy Reform Act, the ultimate decision to reorganize the business or liquidate the assets hinges on whether the bankruptcy court confirms a plan to allow the firm to continue in existence.

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A Best Practice Guide in Methodology and Implementation of Receivable Management System Transformation By: Anuj Saxena and Jay Tchakarov The latest innovation in credit and accounts receivable technologies have brought in tremendous efficiencies to finance departments worldwide.The paper suggests that companies should ensure their outsourcing A/R management and collections vendors (or for that matter any third party relationship goods or services) are properly certified with the SSAE16 Type 2 certifications.SSAE16 Type 2 certification is a standard set by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), and since June 2011, SSAE16 audits have replaced SAS 70 audits.This article analyzes the nature of deductions and the best-in-class automation options available for speeding up the resolution process.Robotic Process Automation: The Next Transformation Lever for Shared Services By: Professor Mary Lacity and Professor Leslie Willcocks Research Objective: The academic researchers at the Outsourcing Unit (OU) aim to assess the current and long-term effects of business services automation on client organizations.This article addresses 7 key working capital strategies in this new economic climate.

Volume 23, Number 1, 1st Quarter 2017 Effectively Managing Outsourcing Risk by Engaging Service Providers that Have Effective Internal Controls Verified by an Independent Attester By: Brian Ballou, Megan Gerhardt and Dan L.

Potential adopters need exposure to actual and realistic client adoption stories.

Academic researchers can help educate potential adopters by objectively researching actual RPA and CI implementations in client firms, by assessing what the software can and cannot yet do, and by extracting lessons on realizing its value.

Research Outputs: As of December 2015, we have just submitted our book, Service Automation: Robotics and the Future of Work, to the publisher.

This book captures a year's worth of learning about service automation based on a survey, in-depth client case studies, and interviews with service automation clients, providers, and advisors.

law all provide for some sort of bankruptcy reorganizations but the legal details as well as the practical results vary.